Joel (gemini6678) wrote in camsarefun,

Cross posting Pictures. :D WEEEE

Behind are a combination of two posts from my journal.

First set is a project I've been working on for portable photo studio equipment.

Second set is just some misc pictures from this weekend. Enjoy!!!

these are the two monsters I have been building.

This was the light defuser/refelctor that I was building tonight. Ignore the sheet, it's to test it with.

Whatcha think? I've lost it eh?

And this is the second half.

Here's some other pictures from this weekend. Nothing spectacular.

it was REALLY dark out so this has been edited all to hell.. But you get the idea.

Same with this one.

More lens effects with Greg. lol

Gregs dog Flea.... He's so sweet.

The Scary Tree Tea Candle Holder.

Oh look. ME!!

and of course experimenting with my Marching Band hat. YES here it is. Proof I was a band geek.

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